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BaShariya: Modest Wear |Exclusively Committed to Islamic-Approved Products for All Needs

Modest Wear

"BaShariya: Elevating Islamic Lifestyle with Modest Clothing and Accessories Collection"

BaShariya, true to its name, is dedicated to offering "All," but exclusively "Only" items permitted by Islamic Shariya (Islamic Laws). Recognizing that Islamic Shariya doesn't prohibit women from wearing fashionable clothes in front of their husbands and Mahrams, as long as they are modest, we aim to provide the trendiest and modern clothing line for Muslim sisters who often lack such options in their local markets.

Similarly, acknowledging that men are required to conceal their awra with loose and modest clothing, BaShariya aims to address the limited availability of such garments in the market, ensuring our brothers can adhere to Islamic principles without compromising their style.

Beyond clothing, BaShariya recognizes the need for various lifestyle products that adhere to Sharia principles but may be challenging to access. Our commitment is to work diligently to bring halal and modern products, including clothing, to our customers at the best prices with a guarantee of quality.

BaShariya welcomes manufacturers, suppliers, and traders who share our vision to showcase and sell their products on our platform. Transparency is our priority, both with vendors and customers, in all aspects of sales, purchase, and financial transactions.

With a promise to exemplify a Shariya-based model of Tijarah, BaShariya deals in a range of products, including Abayas, Burqas, Jilbabs, Hijabs, Designer Wear, Modest Dresses, Eid Dresses, Hajj & Umrah Garments, Under-Hijab Caps, and various accessories.

  • Arfeenz Life Style LLP(AAI-2559).

  • ADDRESS:G-79, Shaheen Bagh, Kalindi Kunj, Sarita Vihar, New Delhi

  • PHONE:+91-9354358947+91-8860151910

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