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Bridging Convenience: Empowering Lives with Digital Seva at CSC

In the heart of Khairatabad, Hyderabad, a digital revolution is unfolding – a revolution that brings essential services to your fingertips. Digital Seva, operating under the Common Service Center (CSC), stands as a beacon of convenience, offering a plethora of document services that streamline the complexities of everyday life. Let's explore the myriad services that Gelli Sangeetha, the E-Services Specialist at CSC, brings to the forefront.

Services That Simplify Your Life:

Document Services:

1. Adhaar Card Services:

Need assistance with your Aadhaar card? Digital Seva is here to guide you through the process, ensuring you have a hassle-free experience.

2. PAN Card Assistance:

Whether you're applying for a new PAN card or need updates, Digital Seva CSC is your trusted companion for PAN-related services.

3. Bank Account Facilitation:

Opening a new bank account or managing existing ones? Digital Seva CSC provides comprehensive support for your banking needs.

4. Passport Services:

Planning your next international adventure? Count on Digital Seva CSC to assist you with passport-related services.

5. Income Tax Support:

Navigating the complexities of income tax? Digital Seva CSC ensures that you have the guidance you need for a seamless experience.

6. Birth and Death Certificates:

From birth certificates for new beginnings to assistance with the somber task of obtaining death certificates, Digital Seva CSC is here for you.

7. Loan and Cards Assistance:

Whether it's a loan application or managing your cards, Digital Seva CSC simplifies the process, providing support every step of the way.

8. Voter ID Services:

Your voice matters. Digital Seva CSC helps you with Voter ID-related services, ensuring your participation in the democratic process.

9. Legal Translation Agreements:

Legal documents can be complex. Digital Seva CSC specializes in translating agreements, ensuring clarity and understanding.

10. Trade License and Labor License Services:

For businesses, Digital Seva CSC extends support for obtaining trade licenses and labor licenses, streamlining the process.

11. GST Certificate Assistance:

Navigating the realms of GST is made easier with Digital Seva's comprehensive assistance in obtaining your GST certificate.

12. Income and Caste Certificates:

Whether you need an income certificate or a caste certificate, Digital Seva CSC simplifies the process for your convenience.

E-Services Specialist:

  • E-Services: As an e-services specialist, Digital Seva ensures you have access to a range of digital services, leveraging technology for your benefit.

Contact Information:

Experience the Ease of Digital Seva:

Digital Seva, led by the E-Services Specialist, Gelli Sangeetha, is your partner in navigating the digital landscape. Whether you're a resident in Khairatabad or beyond, the services provided by Digital Seva are designed to simplify your life, making essential tasks accessible with just a click or a visit.

Visit Digital Seva today and witness the transformation of essential services into a seamless, efficient, and user-friendly experience. Your convenience is our priority, and at Digital Seva, we're committed to empowering lives through digital innovation.

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