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Designer Burqa Store – Where Fashion Meets Tradition in the Heart of Delhi

Connect with Designer Burqa Store:

  • Phone: 072177 14454

  • Address: 15-A, near Azad Market, Hathi Khana, Sadar Bazaar, Delhi, 110006

  • Rating: 4.8

  • Store Hours: Open until 8 pm

In the vibrant tapestry of Delhi's Sadar Bazaar lies a hidden gem that has redefined modest fashion – the Designer Burqa Store. With a remarkable rating of 4.8, this wholesale and retail haven stands as a testament to exquisite design, quality craftsmanship, and a commitment to providing the best in women's clothing.

Discovering Designer Burqa Store:


Designer Burqa Store Address: 15-A, near Azad Market, Hathi Khana, Sadar Bazaar, Delhi, 110006

Store Hours:

Open every day, the Designer Burqa Store welcomes you from morning until 8 pm, ensuring a delightful shopping experience for all.

Rating: 4.8 – Where Excellence Meets Elegance

Elegance Personified:

1. Exquisite Designs:

Step into the Designer Burqa Store, and you enter a world where every garment is a masterpiece. From traditional burqas to contemporary ensembles, the store's collection reflects a perfect blend of elegance and modernity.

2. Wholesale Opulence:

The Designer Burqa Store caters not only to individual shoppers but also extends its offerings to wholesale customers. Boutiques and businesses can explore a treasure trove of quality women's clothing at competitive prices.

3. Quality Craftsmanship:

Each piece at the Designer Burqa Store is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship. The store prides itself on delivering garments that are not only fashionable but also of the highest quality.

4. Central Location:

Situated near Azad Market in Hathi Khana, the Designer Burqa Store benefits from its central location in Sadar Bazaar. This makes it easily accessible for shoppers looking for unique fashion finds in the heart of Delhi.

Visit Designer Burqa Store Today:

With a stellar rating of 4.8, the Designer Burqa Store has earned the trust and admiration of its patrons. The store's commitment to providing exceptional designs, quality clothing, and the convenience of wholesale options makes it a must-visit destination for those seeking the epitome of modest yet stylish fashion.

  • For fashion enthusiasts seeking a harmonious fusion of tradition and trend, the Designer Burqa Store beckons with its doors wide open. Step into this fashion sanctuary, where each garment tells a story of sophistication, style, and an unwavering commitment to providing the best in women's clothing.

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