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Seven income Sources for an investment of Seven thousand

Seven income sources for an investment of ₹7,000:

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  • Direct Referral Income: Display banners of partner companies on your website and earn commissions for every customer referred through these banners.

  • Indirect Referral Income: Collaborate with local businesses, display their ads on your site, and generate leads, earning commissions from resulting sales.

  • Dropshipping Profits: Add supplier items to your online store and earn a percentage of each sale without the burden of inventory management.

  • Selling Your Own Stock: Showcase and sell your products, services, or items on your website, keeping full control over your offerings.

  • Commission from Other Products or Services: Feature products or services from other providers on your platform and earn a commission for each successful sale.

  • Displaying Ads: Generate passive income by displaying advertisements from various companies on your website.

  • Referring GallBiz Online Store: Spread the word about GallBiz Online Store and earn ₹2,000 for every customer you refer, providing an additional income stream.

Seven income sources for an investment of ₹7,000:

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