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Welcome to Expertrons - Your Gateway to Infinite Possibilities

Welcome to Expertrons - Your Gateway to Infinite Possibilities!

At Expertrons, your all-encompassing destination for education, fitness, and entertainment, we light up the path to infinite possibilities. Through a seamless integration of games, career development, yoga, and a myriad of exciting activities, we invite you to embark on a transformative journey where learning and enjoyment go hand in hand.

  • Comprehensive Education Programs ✔

  • Holistic Fitness and Wellness Initiatives ✔

  • Exciting Entertainment Opportunities ✔

Join us at Expertrons, where the pursuit of knowledge meets the joy of living, unlocking endless avenues for your personal and professional growth!

Morning Wellness Sessions: Energize Your Body and Mind!

5:30 AM - 9:00 AM: Yoga and Zumba

Start your day with tranquility and energy through our invigorating morning wellness sessions. Our experienced instructors guide you through the holistic practices of yoga and the exhilarating movements of Zumba, promoting physical well-being and lifting your spirits.

  • Yoga Practices ✔

  • Dynamic Zumba Sessions ✔

Embark on a journey of well-being with Expertrons, where we bring together the power of yoga and the joy of dance to set a positive tone for your day.

Daytime Pursuits: Career Growth and Personal Development!

10:00 AM - 4:00 PM: Digital Marketing and Software Courses, Job Assistance, Study Abroad

Explore the realms of career advancement with our comprehensive daytime pursuits. Engage in hands-on digital marketing and software courses designed to equip you with practical skills. Take advantage of our job assistance programs to navigate your career path seamlessly. Additionally, discover opportunities to broaden your horizons with our study abroad programs, providing a global perspective for personal and professional development.

  • Digital Marketing Courses ✔

  • Software Courses ✔

  • Job Assistance ✔

  • Study Abroad Opportunities ✔

Expertrons is committed to guiding you toward success and unlocking infinite possibilities in your career journey.

Afternoon Activities Alive: Holistic Learning for Every Age!

4:00 PM - 8:00 PM: After School Activities

  • Dance ✔

  • Singing ✔

  • Abacus ✔

  • Vedic math ✔

  • Academic Guidance ✔

  • Hobby Assistance ✔

Immerse yourself in a variety of after-school activities, enhancing academic skills and unleashing creativity.

Weekend Specials: Where Passion Meets Creativity!

Weekend Classes:

  • Acting ✔

  • Sculpting ✔

  • Art and Craft ✔

  • Chess ✔

  • Classical Dance ✔

On weekends, delve into special classes designed to nurture passion and creativity. From acting to sculpting, we offer a range of activities to cater to diverse interests.

Entertainment Extravaganza: More Than Just Learning!

Entertainment Hub:

  • Games ✔

  • VR ✔

  • PS5 ✔

  • PC ✔

  • Nintendo ✔

  • Shopping ✔

  • Cafeteria ✔

Experience the thrill of gaming with our cutting-edge consoles, indulge in retail therapy, and savor delicious treats at our cafeteria. Expertrons is not just about learning; it's about creating memorable experiences.

We Support: Empowering Entrepreneurs and Celebrating Diversity!

  • Kid Entrepreneurs ✔

  • Women Entrepreneurs ✔

  • Fancy Dress ✔

  • Photo Booth ✔

Expertrons proudly supports and celebrates diversity by encouraging entrepreneurship, creativity, and self-expression.

Partnering With: Collaborating for a Vibrant Community!

In collaboration with:

  • KMR Enterprises ✔

  • Gismat Jail Mandi ✔

  • Khushi Foods ✔

  • Souq Al - The Indian Market ✔

Expertrons celebrates diversity and community spirit through partnerships with these esteemed companies.

Expertrons Campus Address:

KMD Manorama House, 4th Floor, Beside Gismat Mandi, Opp, Pantaloons, Bandlaguda Jagir, 500086.

Contact Us:

  • Phone: 83284 88293

  • Alternate Phone: 80900 80077

Join us at Expertrons, where learning meets wellness, creativity, and entertainment - your gateway to infinite possibilities!

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